Let's meet up to talk about Agile: share knowledge, pains, wins, challenges and much more!

Originally started in Rio de Janeiro in Oct 2016, the idea is that we build an Agile Community where we may find the knowledge and support needed to start the transformation and continue in the journey!

The Lean Beer (or Guinness, or anything you want!) is a technique used to be able to maximize our time and chats. This is how it happens:

  • We draw 3 columns: To Discuss | Discussing | Discussed
  • Each person writes the things they would like to talk about or ask on individual post its (one topic per post it)
  • We decide on a prioritization technique very quickly, to prioritize the topics
  • All topics are organised on column 'To Discuss'​
  • As we start, post its move across the board: To Discuss --​> Discussing --​> Discussed.
  • Each topic gets 2 minutes to be discussed. At the end of these 2 minutes, the time keeper makes a signal (Hand Up, for example).

When this happens, the table decides if they want to continue on the topic, and if so, we get another 2 minutes for it. If not, the topic moves to 'Discussed'​ and the next one is pulled into the conversation. All 'levels'​ welcome! 🙂 If you know nothing about Agile, it's a great place to get started. Come along!

Looking forward to meeting you! Or contact Agile Beer on Facebook or LinkedIn


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