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Connecting Communities

The ALI team is excited to announce that we're hosting an ALI global community event in Frankfurt, Germany on November 27th! The Agile-Lean International Conference will feature the best local community speakers in addition to some of the very best speakers on Agile and Lean in the world.

Our keynote speaker will be Jonathan Smart, who was a lead in one of the largest banking Agile transformations in the world at Barclays, and is a world renowned keynote speaker.

We believe in the power of connecting communities from around the world, many of whom are facing similar challenges on their path to agility. Those who attend can use this as an opportunity to network with Agile & Lean practitioners, speakers and leaders from around the world to share learnings and create new connections.

ALI Frankfurt will be organised by the community for the community, just like our previous events in Ireland.

We have just opened our Call For Speakers, and would welcome all applications, in areas such as:
- Agile in Banking & Insurance
- Agile Leadership
- Scaling Agile
- Scrum
- Kanban
- Agile Product Management
- Agile development and testing
- Agile in HR
and many more.

Call For Speakers

Our Call For Speakers is now open, and will close on September 27th 2019 - apply now!


Frank Wesseler

Visual Facilitator & Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt

Constanze Rieß

Agile Coach and Trainer

Paul Herwarth von Bittenfeld

Co-founder of STATION HQ

Jonathan Smart

Business Agility Lead at Deloitte - Keynote Speaker

Anna Scheffold

Consultant Digital Customer Experience at Unterschied & Macher

André Morys

Co-founder of Global Optimization Group & konversionsKRAFT

Leonardo Bittencourt

Principal Consultant at Ammeon Solutions

Oliver Zilken

Chief Scrum Master at REWE Digital GmbH

Daniel Dubbel

Agile Coach at DB Systel GmbH

Michael Nir

President Sapir Consulting US, Lean Agile Inspiration Expert, Best Selling Author and Speaker

Sabine Wojcieszak

Enthusiastic Agile & DevOps Enabler at getNext IT

Joanna Koprowicz

Scrum Master at Mastercard

Jon Terry

Chief Evangelist, Lean-Agile Strategy at Planview, Inc.


We will be updating our schedule in the coming weeks as more speakers get announced.

27th Nov : Day - 01
9:05am - 9:50am

Opening Keynote: Talk TBA

  • Jonathan Smart  
  • Culture Rooms 1, 2 & 3

Talk TBA

10:20am - 10:50am

When will you deliver that?

  • Leonardo Bittencourt  
  • Culture Room 1+2

As a Scrum Master/Agile Coach I have heard these questions many times in planning sessions. Estimation, capacity plan and deadlines are always a big challenge in organisations that deal with knowledge workers. If it is hard to plan a two-week iteration, what to say planning work for two or three months involving many teams and dependencies. As knowledge workers, we have to recognize that it is impossible to predict everything that could happen in a complex environment like software development. It is unrealistic to estimate creative work with high level of certainty. Hence estimations in software development are big gambles that increase risk as you scale and/or look farther on the horizon. But is there an alternative to that? Yes, rather than estimating only - a deterministic approach - we can apply probabilistic approaches using historical data of our teams to better manage risk and forecast our deliverables. In this session I will share my experiments, learning and outcomes from a journey in a big financial player that adopted SAFe as their agile scaled framework.

10:55am - 11:25am

Culture eats improvement before breakfast

  • Sabine Wojcieszak  
  • Culture Room 1+2

11:30am - 12:00pm

My Lean Agile DevOps journey - A Quest for Business Agility

  • Michael Nir  
  • Culture Room 1+2

It has taken me over a decade, to make the transition from improving manufacturing environments with Lean, to conceptualizing agility within software and hardware organizations. Asking the hard questions required to create quality software, faster, often rubs people the wrong way…. but without those questions you’ll keep hiring scrum masters who end up being JIRA admins and going through agile motions without winning the true benefits of lean agile and DevOps – necessary to drive business agility. In an age of disruption - the balanced mix of agile, lean, design thinking, lean start up, lean UX, OKRs and DevOps injected to high performing teams is crucial to business agility. We discuss the essentials of successful change initiatives: Digital transformation must be simple - Team agility without technical practices and continuous integration is wasted effort; Scaling agility is counterproductive when culture of team empowerment is not retained and focus on fast iterative feedback is missing; Value stream mapping of your deployment pipeline without a plan for Toyota Kata of continuous improvement is just another one-off workshop; Success hinges on soak-ability! Allow me to share Anchors of Simplicity, Mainstays of Scalability, Tell-tale Signs of Soakability, a journey across continents, numerous clients and many industries on a quest for business agility.

12:05pm - 12:35pm

Stop your agile Transformation! Now!

  • Daniel Dubbel   Oliver Zilken  
  • Culture Room 1+2

The fear of the future with its unpredictability of and in companies is growing and the agile transformation has long become a savior in times of uncertainty. You just have to be able to successfully lead them to a result. Everyone talks about it, everyone is there, hardly anyone has made it so far. Many things do not work as they should. And even if the signs are good. Commitment and the management buy-in for the transformation of the organization are there, the best consultants and employees are hired, budget is there. It has even been clarified which measures are being introduced and the question of why is also being answered. Nevertheless, there is no sense of security, hardly anyone understands what works and meaningful cooperation is miles away despite increasing agile methods. Scrum in IT does not work, Scrum Master do not pay off, Kanban does not bring work into the desired flow, let alone scaling. Neither customers nor employees are satisfied. It could be so easy, right? Maybe "why" is the wrong question?

1:30pm - 2:00pm

Vorsprung Durch Metrics

  • Joanna Koprowicz  
  • Culture Room 1+2


2:05pm - 2:35pm

Why agile teams fail (and you might be the only savior)

  • André Morys  
  • Culture Room 1+2

Companies spend billions of dollars to implement agile organisations and drive digital transformation. Wasted money if they don’t understand the real challenge: being agile is not enough; growth goes beyond agile! Most agile product teams face the same problem: they don’t properly measure the outcome of their efforts. They might be efficient but far from effective. In this talk, you’ll learn: - What challenge most agile product teams face - How to become efficient AND effective - 3 concrete things that your agile teams can do to get better

2:40pm - 3:10pm

Leave the building! Why agile teams cannot build great products without talking to customers regularly and how to get out tomorrow

  • Anna Scheffold  
  • Culture Room 1+2

The bigger the company, the more people are glued to their desks. The result? Wasted marketing budgets, feature creep, frustrated scrum teams, misunderstandings between sales teams and IT Departments. And on the long run companies that lose customers and vanish from the market. In her session, Anna will show why even small steps that lead you out of the building can have a massive impact, why nothing beats talking to your customer eye-to-eye and how to get up and step out of your comfort zone tomorrow.

3:15pm - 3:45pm

Is it SAFe to scale? A survey of key Lean-Agile scaling considerations

  • Jon Terry  
  • Culture Room 1+2

By now most large enterprises are past the experimenting stage with Agile. Many are beginning to realize that simply training teams in Agile techniques like Scrum and Kanban, while useful, isn’t sufficient to achieve real business transformation. And they are struggling with coordinating teams involved in work on large solutions and the tensions between Agile approaches and other organizational patterns and practices, things like budgeting and staffing, that were ignored or fudged until now. In this talk Jon Terry will share his experience working with executives on these challenges at large enterprise in Europe and North America. He will outline his view of the typical state of play. He will explain what he’s seeing in terms of adoption of techniques from agile scaling methods like SAFe, DAD, LeSS, and Spotify. And he will discuss the big questions being raised by executives in their struggle to take Lean-Agile across the enterprise. The goal is to help those trying to get started to better understand key concepts and considerations.

3:50pm - 4:20pm

Screw it, let's do it - how we created the lean-agile organization we had dreamed of

  • Paul Herwarth von Bittenfeld  
  • Culture Room 1+2

3:50pm - 5:35pm

Workshop: Visual Process Mapping

  • Constanze Rieß   Frank Wesseler  
  • Culture Room 1+2

Processes are at the core of every business, yet understanding them is often a challenge. In contrast to established standards like BPMN or Value Stream Mapping, our approach allows more flexibility to involve the client (often the human beings working in the process) at a deeper and more emotional level. Experience the impact of visualization applied to process mapping yourself and join us in this hands-on workshop! After learning some visual vocabulary, we will map some example processes, reflect its applicability, and share from our experience.

Buy Tickets

Tickets for the ALI Frankfurt conference are now on sale. As we are a community-led non-profit event, we are delighted to offer tickets at community rates. All attendees will get tea & coffee, breakfast and lunch included in their ticket price. You will have access to our world class lineup of speakers and the best networking opportunities throughot the day.


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28th November 2019

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Location: Frankfurt

Frankfurt, a central German city on the river Main, is a major financial hub that’s home to the European Central Bank. It’s the birthplace of famed writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, whose former home is now the Goethe House Museum. 

The Old Town is the site of Römerberg, a square that hosts an annual Christmas market. Our post-conference social event will happen here, so you’ll get the opportunity to celebrate your learnings in the most festive of settings.

Conference Venue

  • Le Méridien Parkhotel Frankfurt, Wiesenhüttenpl. 28-38, 60329 Frankfurt am Main, Germany