Agile-Lean Ireland 2024 conference speakers

Aisling Finn - Lead Agile Coach - JLR

Aisling is an ICAgile Expert in Enterprise Coaching and SAFe 6.0 SPC Certified.

She is passionate about Enterprise Agility,  Systems thinking and Agile Leadership. She has led and delivered Agile transformations in JLR Commercial and previously within her own company (developing AI Language Learning software), non-for-profit and education sectors. She is determined, focused and outcome driven. She is a team player and continuously strives for growth in herself and others.

She leads Women in Agile Ireland and speaks regularly at international Agile conferences.


Ben Walder - Author of the Visual Agile Coach Playbook

With over 25 years’ experience as a change and transformation professional, co-founder of The Visual Agile Coach, Ben Walder, has a strong track record in Financial Services and FinTech. Starting out in project management and progressing through programme management to Head of Change, Ben always seeks to make a positive difference for all involved in delivering change.


Bhavika Nayyar

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Coca Pitzer - Product Leader, Lean & Agile Expert, Design Thinking Practitioner, Trainer, Coach and Mentor - Agile Beer

Playing a pivotal role in driving strategic initiatives and transforming the organization's product portfolio management practices. My responsibilities encompass a wide range of activities aimed at optimizing product delivery, enhancing collaboration, and ensuring alignment with business objectives. In this role, I am successfully guiding the organization through a transformative journey, optimizing portfolio performance, enhancing collaboration, and contributing to overall business success.


Conor Fitzgerald - Engineering Manager - Poppulo

Conor Fitzgerald is a Quality Advocate with over 15 years of experience. He is passionate about whole-team testing and working with teams on quality improvements. Currently, he is working as a Senior Engineering manager at Poppulo in Cork, Ireland.

He has spoken at a number of conferences in recent years, including SoftTestDublin, TestBash, OnlineTestConf, AgileLeanInternational, Romania testing Conference and RebelCon.

Conor is an active member of the test community and is a Co-Founder of the Ministry of Testing Cork.

Previous positions included Test Consultant, Test Lead/Manager, and Automation focused roles. These positions were held in a wide variety of industries from embedded systems to financial systems with companies ranging from startups to large multinationals such as Intel.

Occasionally blogs at


Dee Grey - Chief People Systems Officer - Inclusive Agile - Neurodivergent Shaman

I am a trans non-binary neurodivergent coach and people manager with a history in tech. Since I was 16, I have enjoyed working in tech in various roles, from software engineer to helpdesk technician, to agile coach. My journey has always been influenced by my intersectional identities, and I love sharing how those experiences have shaped who I am today.

I have a Bachelor's of Science degree in Gender Studies with a minor in Computer Science. My non-profit, Inclusive Agile, is the culmination of my career experience in tech, and my deep passion for learning and understanding.

When I'm not coaching individuals and teams into more accountable practices, I spend time with my amazing blended family, watch Marvel movies, play Baldur's Gate 3 (are other games still out there? I've forgotten) and work on improving the world around me every day through witchcraft.

Dee (2)

Dinesh Sharma - Delivery Head & Executive Leadership -

A seasoned leader with over 27 years in the IT industry, with a comprehensive blend of strategic leadership and hands-on experience in project, program, and delivery management. With a journey that encompasses over 20 years of project management and a decade of pioneering agile software development and delivery practices. At the heart, a passion for driving delivery excellence, demonstrated through the successful execution of complex, high-risk projects and the integration of cutting-edge technologies like Generative AI.

Held several key leadership positions, championed innovation and excellence across various sectors. The strategic vision has been instrumental in spearheading innovation groups, fostering a culture of continuous improvement, and steering organisations through transformative delivery excellence initiatives.


Francesco Bianchi - Chief Collaboration Alchemist - VisAgi

Francesco is a Collaboration Alchemist on a mission to make the world of work more fun. His current focus is on building learning experiences in a safe and inclusive environment by leveraging all of the cutting-edge techniques for Visual Thinking, Brain-Science based learning and Facilitation for highly collaborative meetings to ensure people are and feel at the center.

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Fred Deichler - Agile Coach & International Speaker - Triforce Agility

For over two decades, Fred has been a technology leader, who has been intuitively following the Scrum values and Agile principles even before discovering them. He has successfully led multiple teams on their Agile journeys, emphasizing the importance of a harmonious balance between people, processes, and tools, and continuously striving for improvement. For Fred, personal growth is as crucial as professional development.


James Doherty - Founder/Managing Director - Sliabh Liag Distillers

James Doherty has led the vision for, and the consequent development of, Sliabh Liag Distillers that has seen two brands established in six focus markets and thirty four additional market opportunities, and the Ardara Distillery funded, designed and built. He has held multiple managing director positions at William Grant & Sons Distillers Ltd, Foster’s and SABMiller. James has operated in over 150 markets and brings an unusual and refreshing mix of the creative and commercial to everything he does and is currently the chair of the Irish Whiskey Association. He is an average golfer, a never was rugby player and an enthusiastic but limited fisherman.

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Joanna Koprowicz - Founder - Change Angels

Joanna is an Agile Business Consultant, who is an expert in Business Agility, Agile-Lean Transformation and the Development of High Performing Agile Teams.

Joanna has a masters degree in Project Management, from UCD Michael Smurfit Business School and has a background in technology and business.

She developed a career in Agile consulting and leadership development, working on bringing positive change across a wide range of organisations and sectors; the Public Sector, Financial Sector including Insurance and Banking, Gaming, Aviation, E-learning, Tourism and Travel.

She holds numerous Agile certifications and is an approved provider of Agile & Lean Training and Consulting by Enterprise Ireland, IDA and Local Enterprise Office. She’s also an Authorised Instructor with the International Consortium for Agile.

She has helped coordinate Agile-Lean events internationally and is a board member of Agile-Lean Ireland. Joanna is a very active member of the Global Agile Community. In 2018-2019 she was on the European Scrum Gathering Team with Scrum Alliance.


Kieran Neeson - Agile Coach -

An experienced Lean Agile Practitioner with 20+ years experience in informatics product discovery and development.

A background in science combined with a keen interest in GAA team performance and analysis gained from volunteering with Mayobridge, Co Down have shaped his people-first approach to Coaching and continuous improvement. Employing the scientific method, systems thinking, empiricism and behavioral science with a focus on optimizing for Outcomes and cohesion across Value, Tech and Teams at all levels.

Kieran recently achieved the advanced ICAgile-Certified Expert in Enterprise Coaching and is currently Agile Coach at ESW in Dublin where he is trying to help the organisation and teams to improve performance towards sooner delivery of value and be happier doing it.


Louisa Andrianopoulou - Global Technology Enterprise Transformation Coach -

With over 17 years in large-scale business transformation, Louisa excels in steering companies through significant change initiatives. Holding an MSc in Project and Programme Management, Louisa blends academic insights with practical experience. As an Enterprise Transformation Coach at JP Morgan, Louisa has led successful tech-driven and cultural shifts, significantly boosting operational efficiency and profitability. An advocate for agile methodologies, Louisa is known for translating complex concepts into actionable strategies, making her a sought-after speaker. Louisa's engaging delivery and real-world case studies provide invaluable insights into effective business agility and transformation strategies.


Lucía Saura Corella - Agile Program Manager Data and Analytics -

I'm Lucía Saura Corella. Embark with me in the dynamic realm of Agile methodologies and the exhilarating adventures that have shaped my career, from the dynamic energy of startups to the intricate landscapes of banking, and from the heights of the airline industry to the steadfast fortresses of payment systems.

As a Nexus-certified guru, I orchestrated symphonies of collaboration within Ryanair's mobile app teams, ensuring seamless coordination amidst the clouds and even clinched victory in the Hackathon! It was an exhilarating triumph.

Armed with a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, I've transformed pain points into pathways for progress, earning recognition such as the prestigious Global Payments Circle of Excellence award for my work. Backed by my studies in Harvard, my leadership prowess has shaped and nurtured growing teams in the realm of Data and Analytics at Boston Scientific. In my world, innovation isn't just a buzzword—it's a way of life, and I'm driven by a relentless curiosity to research the ever-evolving IT landscape.

I had the honour of presenting at both the Women in Project Management Summit and the International Global Payments Day of Agile.


Matt Sims - Founder & Host of the Ever-So-Lean Podcast

Matt Sims is a distinguished figure in continuous improvement and organisational transformation, renowned for his unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation. With a career spanning diverse roles and global initiatives, Matt has established himself as a trailblazer in driving tangible results and fostering growth.

Beginning his journey humbly on the front line at Royal Mail, over a fourteen-year period Matt quickly rose through the ranks, leading business transformation and modernisation efforts with a focus on operational excellence. His tenure at Amazon further solidified his reputation, where he held numerous senior positions spearheaded global initiatives and earned recognition for his strategic prowess and people-centric approach.

Yet, Matt's impact extends beyond his impressive resume. His genuine passion for continuous improvement, empowering others and driving meaningful change has been the hallmark of his career. Believing in the power of continuous improvement and transformative leadership, Matt remains dedicated to pushing boundaries and pioneering new approaches to learning and development.

In addition to his ground-breaking initiatives, Matt is the creator of the Ever-So-Lean Podcast, a platform dedicated to thought-provoking discussions on transformation, leadership and continuous improvement. With a global reach in more than ninety countries, and tens of thousands of downloads, the Ever-So-Lean Podcast has become a beacon of inspiration for individuals and organisations worldwide. Notably, the Ever-So-Lean Podcast was nominated for ‘Best Business Podcast at the 2023 UK Podcast Awards’, a testament to its quality and relevance in the business landscape.

As Matt embarks on the next chapter of his journey, he is dedicated to developing the Ever-So-Lean Learning Series. This series offers certificated continuous improvement education, drawing from Matt's extensive learnings and employing a learn-by-doing approach. Additionally, he is leading the creation of the ground-breaking Ever-So-Lean Rising Stars series, catering to the eleven to sixteen-year-old demographic. This initiative aims to equip young learners with continuous improvement skills essential for the modern working world.

Matt’s commitment to inspiring lifelong learning and fostering a culture of excellence remains unwavering. With a wealth of experience and a passion for driving meaningful change, Matt Sims continues to redefine what it means to be a lean leader in the modern business world.


- Founder -

Nicola lives in Calgary, Canada, but hails from County Tyrone. She is a certified executive leadership coach specializing in performance, resilience, and wellness. With a background in software development, academia, and coaching, Nicola brings a unique perspective that balances technical expertise with a deep understanding of human dynamics.

Her book, *Burnout Be Gone: Healthy Habits for the Overwhelmed*, offers practical tools for building resilience and achieving high performance. Using agile methodology for incremental habit change, Nicola guides clients through transformative journeys with her proprietary tools: Brain Relaxation Exercises, The Five Rs, and the SIT-UPP™ Framework for sustainable success.


Olina Glindevi - Director - The Visual Agile Coach Ltd

Passionate about helping people unleash their creative and communicative potential using visuals as a collaborative tool, Olina Glindevi is a qualified Agile practitioner with experience in Agile Coach, Scrum Master and Release Train Engineer roles. As Co-Founder of The Visual Agile Coach, Olina combines her dedication to Agile with her creative qualities, speaking at international conferences and delivering training to help people explore using visuals in their own Agile practices.

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Paddy Corry - Agile Coach

Paddy Corry is an experienced Agile Coach, most recently at ESW, a global e-commerce business. He partners with individuals, product teams and organisations to help unlock potential, and to focus on achievement of outcomes that connect to organizational strategy.

Paddy is an expert trainer, having delivered many training classes related to agility for teams, product managers, portfolio management, scrum masters, product owners and software engineers. Paddy has also prepared and delivered online learning, to guide learners new to topics such as introducing the agile principles and mindset, complexity thinking, team facilitation and user story mapping.

A professionally trained coach, Paddy has the Associate Certified Coach (ACC) certification with the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Paddy also organizes an agile meetup called Dublin North Agile (DNA) ( and You might have read some of his articles published with Serious Scrum on Medium ( Paddy also frequently speaks at agile meetups and conferences in Ireland and abroad.

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Pino Decandia - Agile Coach -

I like organizations and the complex mechanisms that govern them.

From business architectures to processes, from words to behaviors, I deal with business change. As an Enterprise Agile Coach, I combine the Agile Manifesto principles with specific expertise and experience in medium to significant realities and transformation processes. I am pragmatic and concrete-oriented.

I believe that:

- People can change; they do not oppose change but offer their vision. To be respected.

Needs are the basis of behavior; if I want to help, I must allow them to be expressed clearly. And I must be the first to state my needs.

- Ideological battles are meaningless; it matters more to understand the problem and what can be done to solve it.

Confortable with all the stances of an Agile Coach, Coach or a consultant, a trainer or a mentor. Often in a leadership and reference roles in the organization.

More than 100 teams coached over about 15 years of Agile Coach experience.

Worked in 20+ big companies in their Agile transformation journey.

Co-founder and host of Scrum Breakfast Club Milano

Partner at Agile Reloaded

Speaker and member of local communities


Raymond Rozeman - Agile Coach -

Experienced agile practitioner (Agile coach, Scrum Master, Product Owner). I take an inclusive and holistic approach to change and transformation drawing inspiration from domains such as psychology, systems thinking and complexity theory. I enable teams and organizations to own the agile journey with a strong focus on getting things Done.


Robert Meaney - Senior Director of Engineering - Glofox

Rob Meaney is passionate about learning better ways of solving problems for people with people and software. He works with organisations to cultivate an environment in which teams are both happy and successful. Rob’s approach to software product development helped take Irish startups Trustev, Poppulo and Glofox to acquisition.

Currently, he’s working as Senior Director of Engineering for Glofox. Rob is co-author of “A team guide to testability” with Ash Winter, a keynote speaker, co-founder of Ministry of Test Cork and organiser of RebelCon.

Previously he has held positions as Head of Testing, Test Manager, Automation Architect and Test Engineer with companies of varying sizes, from large multinationals like Intel, Ericsson & EMC to early-stage startups like Trustev.


Sabrina Staunton - Executive member - WITS

Sabrina works as a leader in the technology sector, she brings over 15 years of expertise in global technology and financial services, specializing in strategic leadership for digital transformation employee engagement learning & development & D&I.

Her passion lies in fostering talent and promoting diversity within the industry, a commitment that earned her lots of recognition and industry awards. Beyond her career she is deeply involved in community and industry initiatives, serving as a mentor and advocate for underrepresented groups in technology along with being an Executive member of WITS. She's an EMCC qualified coach with a focus on scaling and driving customer outcomes with various methods, toolkits and styles. She has a unique perspective to drive organizational success and foster innovation to deliver best in class employee and customer outcomes.


Sathpal Singh - Organiser - Future of Work Scotland

Sathpal operates at the intersection of Engineering and Agile, with a focus on people, culture and community development.  Having started his career as a Software Engineer, Sath has moved from hands-on developer roles into management and strategic leadership and over the last 20+ years has delivered a wide range of programs and products for international clients and global brands.

Sath has a number of global voluntary roles and pursuits, over and above his day job in engineering leadership in the financial services sector and is currently Chair of the BCS Agile Methods specialist group and Organiser at Future of Work Scotland.

He is a Chartered Fellow of both the British Computer Society (BCS) and the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) and a strong advocate of coaching, mentoring, visual thinking, and social leadership.

An international keynote conference speaker, Sath has spoken at numerous conferences both in-person and virtual over the last few years, including Agile 2022 in Nashville, Tennessee US, XP2023 in Amsterdam and he keynoted at Agile in Africa 2023 in Ghana this year.


Savita Pahuja - Founder -

Savita Pahuja is a seasoned Agile Coach, Trainer, and Mentor with a rich background in catalyzing
change and fostering growth within organizations. Savita is a catalyst for transformation with a
dynamic career spanning startups and large financial institutions in diverse, multicultural settings.
As a Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC), Certified Team Coach (CTC) from Scrum Alliance, and a
Professional Certified Coach (PCC) accredited by the International Coach Federation, Savita
brings a wealth of expertise in coaching and mentoring. Her coaching portfolio extends from
enterprise and team coaching to leadership development and facilitating workshops to align
visions and achieve strategic business outcomes.
But what truly sets Savita apart is her unwavering dedication to Product Thinking. With an innate
ability to weave innovation and Agile principles into product development, she empowers teams
to craft not just products but winning solutions. Savita's commitment to crafting Agile products
that resonate with users and bring value instills confidence in her ability to drive successful
product development.
Savita lives by the motto, "The gladdest moment in my life is a departure into unknown lands," a
testament to her fearless approach to change and her passion for embracing the unknown. This
inspiring attitude is what fuels her transformative journeys for individuals and organizations.

Connect with Savita:


Stefan Stojković - Domain Production Lead - PlayStudios Europe

Throughout his professional career, he has held different positions such as Project Manager, Program Manager, Team Leader, Startup COO, Process Auditor, Scrum Master, and Agile Coach.

Today, he is in the gaming industry, working with an amazing team at Playstudios, on a new Tetris® game.

For Stefan, gaming isn’t just about entertainment; it’s about engagement and learning. He sees an opportunity to blend fun and education to create a thrilling adventure in learning. Stefan believes that gaming holds the key to breaking traditional barriers in education, and he is implementing all its elements into his educational materials. The transformative impact of gamified learning experiences on individuals and societies is what drives him, as he believes in innovative, accessible, and inclusive learning solutions that can shape a brighter future.

He is a true Change Agent, an Agile Coach, a promoter of continuous improvement, a LEGO® Serious Play® certified Facilitator, a Management 3.0 and Lean Change facilitator, and someone who uses all of his resources and knowledge to tailor learning materials, turning learning into a journey rather than just a destination. This, combined with Gamification, makes for an absolutely perfect match.


Stephanie Gasche - Agile Transformation Coach -

Originally from Austria, Stephanie has lived, studied and worked in Germany, France, California and the UK. With degrees in English, History and International Business Management, Stephanie’s out-of-the-box thinking and strong values led her to embrace the Agile movement in 2012. Since then, she has spread and scaled the Agile mindset and methodologies such as Scrum, Kanban, Lean Start-Up, Design Sprints or Design Thinking within multinational corporations and SMEs in the DACH region. Stephanie’s commitment extends beyond corporate environment, as she has founded two social impact start-ups and worked as an intercultural trainer aiding refugees in their integration into Austrian society. These valuable experiences seamlessly flow into her role as an independent Agile Consultant when coaching intercultural and internationally distributed teams.


Stuart Munton - Chief for Group Delivery - AND Digital

Community and Curiosity are Stuart’s core values which have led him through his 20+ year digital career. Starting with pivotal Agile and Digital transformations for major players like ASDA / Walmart and the NHS, he became an agile advocate back in 2004.

Stuart joined AND Digital as a 10 person start-up in 2014 and led the set-up and evolution of their way of working as they have grown to 1500+ consultants. He has honed practices for ~50 of AND’s clients across various industries - Retail, eCommerce, Insurance, Leisure, Hospitality, Media, Publishing etc.

Currently, as Chief for Group Delivery, Stuart guides evolution in practices across Agile, Scaled, and Programme Delivery. He also leads AND’s ‘Standards’ Programme that is mixing the best of external approaches with the innovation from within AND’s Digital’s community..

Alongside AND, Stuart co-founded the Agile Reading meet-up, creating a space for agile enthusiasts since 2020 and has been speaking at international conferences (e.g. Agile on the Beach, ACE Krakow, XP2023 Amsterdam, ScanAgile etc.) from 2021 onwards.

Stuart lives with his family in Reading Berkshire where he is a coach and semi-retired player at his local rugby club and is a lifelong Leicester Tigers rugby team fan.


Tom Siebeneicher - Agile Transformation Leader - Xebia

As a Principal Transformation Consultant at Xebia, I'm on a mission to lead large-scale organizations into future ways of working with organisational excellence. With over nine years of experience, I've been pivotal in driving transformation across industries like pharma and aviation. I had the great opportunity to support expanding operations in the USA and drive projects across continents. My journey has been enriched by a sabbatical, deepening my fascination with cross-cultural, international projects and intercultural working dynamics.


Vít Samek - Director of Engineering - Mews

Vita oversees the engineering of public APIs and builds a store for different connections at Mews. This store has over 1000 connections, and the API moves more than 3 billion pieces of information every day. Vita is really excited about APIs and making things work together. He also enjoys discussing agile methods and software development management.


Will Moranvil - Director of Product Development -

With over 20+ years of experience in product development and manufacturing, Will specialises in building multi-disciplinary teams in highly regulated environments. His focus is typically on hardware and software teams developing medical device products and manufacturing processes. Will has set up, led, and worked with teams across North America, Europe, and Asia. Over the past five years, Will has evolved his leadership approach to incorporate Agile and Lean methodologies, enabling him to establish highly effective teams within a very short time, usually a sprint. Will is passionate about understanding how teams achieve greatness and frequently engages with people from all walks of life on the topics of personal and team effectiveness.

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